March 28, 2008

Susan Schwartz Suter writes:

35 years post high school, and I feel glorious! I have been living in Colorado since attending college here (thanks to Liz Savitt) and can't imagine living elsewhere. My husband , John, of twenty years and I, have three boys between us; all grown, all healthy, all employed!! We live in Littleton, and also own a mountain home.  Although never terribly athletic, I enjoy skiing, snow shoeing, and snowmobiling. I also love to golf. I am a special education teacher in high school. I love my school and the students I teach; never a dull day! I have been involved in the school Senate (the over achievers) as a sponsor of the junior class,  and will attend the prom next month. My date promises me he will not break up with me two weeks before the big night! I have stayed friends with Laurie Stern, Shelley Fairman and Susie Silverman. Our friendship has proved the test of time and that those we meet when we are young and impressionable can really be BFF. I look forward to coming to Phila. for the reunion and reminiscing with high school chums.



Lower Merion HS Class of 1973

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