December 28, 2008

Nancy Yingling-Sargent writes:

After high school, I went on to be a professional entertainer (singer) worked all over the country and also on the cruise ships where I met my husband, John from England.  We are now married almost 21 years, three kids, Kim, 19 attending her first year at Penn State Univeristy Park campus, our son, Kevin, a junior in High School and our youngest daughter, Laura, 15 a freshman in High School.  We live in Upper Merion.  I retired from my singing career and now am a hair stylist and would love to get my hands on some of the girls in the photos with gray hair!  I am totally in love with my husband, really enjoy our kids and feel very, very grateful for the life I am living.  I am most proud of my family.  Hope all is well with you.  Thanks for sharing the photos and news.  I was very saddened by the passing of my classmates.  Seems not so long ago when we were all in High School.  I have a lot of wonderful memories and no regrets.& nbsp; The only person I have seen over the years is Cackie Scott.  She's a fabulous lady!





Lower Merion HS Class of 1973

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