May 2, 2008

Flossie Winegrad Friedman writes:

I went to University of Colorado in Boulder and majored in anthropology (Mr. McClellan's influence!). I met Mark, my husband, my first month there and married him two weeks after graduating! He was an officer in the Marine Corps for the first four years of our marriage, so we started married life in Quantico, VA and got transferred out here to Orange County, California. The plan was for me to establish residency and then get my masters in Social Ecology, but you know how plans are...

I worked as a personnel consultant/headhunter and enjoyed it until my first son, Danny was born. Joel came along a couple of years later.  I started working as a part time para-educator, realized that education was my passion, and went back to school for a teaching credential. After a few years of teaching English as a Second Language I had the opportunity to teach gifted students (second and third grade then) and have been doing that for the past dozen years, and loving it.

The source of some of my greatest pride is my two sons. Danny is 26, graduated from USC in 2004, and is an investment banker. He'll be getting married in a couple of months to Lauren, an attorney, and they'll be living about 10 miles from here in Newport Beach. Joel, my free spirit son, graduated from UC Santa Barbara. and is an aspiring rocker, but will also be completing his secondary teaching credential this month and has been hired to teach high school math in Los Angeles, where he's living. It's a perfect day job while he figures out if the music thing will work.
Wish I could join everyone at the reunion, but i hope you all have fun!

The first picture shows us after a scuba trip on the Great Barrier Reef. We visited Danny while he was working in Sydney in 2006. The second picture shows we can dress up, and includes our newest member, Lauren.



Lower Merion HS Class of 1973

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