January 5, 2011

Carol Wagner writes:

I am still at Haverford College in my 23rd year as a horticulturist there.

Mom and I are doing fine.

Had a nice Thanksgiving at the shore...got new chest waders, but my line snapped on the only really good fish I hooked...oh well. I will get him next time. See photo.

Saw Marion Sukowicki in December...I always get my Xmas tree from the BoyScouts who sell trees at St. Pius X on Lawrence Road..that is the troop that Marion works with. Always good to see him.

Jan 3rd, my ankle dr. told me my bone is finally healed...no excuses...get back to work!! Only been 4 months + since I fractured it....now I just have to relearn how to walk normally!!




Lower Merion HS Class of 1973

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