May 4, 2013
Betsy Toll writes:

I am living in Rhode Island with my husband Adam Pallant and our kids Miriam, 21, Ben, 19, and Jeremy, 17. Our family has certainly been the center and great joy of our lives. As two children are now out of the nest, not to mention 40 years since high school graduation, reflecting on the wonder of being able to watch three children grow is a daily event. We enjoy being near the woods and ocean with some city time mixed in. We are fortunate to have three of our four parents still full of life at ages 78-88; sadly, my mother died suddenly of pancreatic cancer in 1999.

    Professionally, I am practicing and teaching  primary care combined internal medicine/pediatrics in a clinic at Brown University where patients from every age, walk of life, and part of the world come through the door each day. I feel as though I have won a golden ticket for a front row seat at the show of the human condition.  In recent years I have become interested in the interface of primary care and mental health, and as I have worked more with my patients in this area, they have taught me more than ever. My husband is an academic pediatrician and feels similar good luck. We work hard to hold on to that attitude is spite of the crazy changes in the medical world.

     I hope many others in the class find this occasion as an opportunity to reflect on the fortunes, challenges, and lessons of life and that there are lots and lots of good laughs and memories mixed in.

     Best wishes to you, and one and all.





Lower Merion HS Class of 1973

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